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It was not easy but after nearly two decades of driving in Korea, I have finally been selected as the “Best Driver”. There are several different criteria evaluated when they are trying to choose the winner of this prestigious award. Please feel free to go through the checklist below to see how far you are from joining our elite group of talented individuals.

Official Checklist for Best Driver Status

During the past 12 months you have accomplished the following:

  1. Used a “speed bump” as a ”speed jump”

I grew up in a small town in Canada and I guess you could say I was a little bit like a frog in a well. So when I first moved to Korea, I experienced a huge culture shock. Everything was different. People were talking a different language, everyone seemed to be in a massive rush, and the rules of social interaction all seemed to be different.

Now after almost 17 years of living in Korea, I have found that I am becoming more like a Korean each and every day. The days of being excited over every new experience…

I have a very important public service announcement for you related to my favorite superstore in South Korea, Emart. To put it simply, regardless of how much you want to go to Emart, please do not go. Let’s take a look at the top 7 reasons why you should avoid Emart like the plague.

Reason #1 — Once you go in, you can never leave.

Emart is well-known for its convenience. You can find an Emart almost ever 37 meters or so, and they are open almost all the time except for the 2 Sundays every month when you really need to go but the government forces them to close.


Dude in Korea

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